Happy New Year!!! (A very LATE one)

Oh Yeah!!! This is the 1st post of the 2012.

Happy New Yeah!!!;)

As it’s been almost 4 months since last time we landed on our blog,let’s update you about the news of 2012 and olds of the last 3 month in 2011.

Alright, What’s new!!!! 

NO!!! We do not have New Year’s Resolution for 2012.                                                     But new routine has been established in our household – A list.  A list tracking our weekly tasks has been put on our lovely kitchen whiteboard.

Why? Because of 3 reasons 1) We are getting older, memory system up there starting to slow down :P, 2) We had super busy 2011.  Apparently, many things are consider to be more important than our wedding by my work, such as this project that scorecard, this system and that impletmentation.  How naive of me thinking they should give me a break as I have the most important thing in my life (i.e our wedding) to plan.  Fortunately, many friends asked us similar sort of questions, like “How’s your wedding planning?”, “Have you done this or that?” and etc.  We do not think that  “hmmmm….”, “hmmmm… not much..” and “Let’s tell you what we have done, item1… item2.. and hmmmm…..” are satisfying answer.  Shame on us :P.  Now we have THE LIST, we should be able to answer such questions;);  guess fully utilising our kitchen is the 3rd reason.

What’s the olds?

Heaps happened in the last 3 months of 2011.

You may all get updates on our white holiday in Queenstown and my rip injury.  This is not that exciting as my incident of diving right before my Birthday 2011…Long story short, I acended too fast or I didn’t breath out while ascending, who knows… anyway I panic which is a NO NO in the diving.   Hence I was 1st dygnosed as DCI get sent to CHCH decompression chamber overnight in the special wellington rescue airplane which is pressuralised at sea level. After 2 sessions of treatement (i.e. one is 4 hours and 25 minutes, the other is 1.5 hours).  I came out brand new… To answer some unasked the questions I know you probably will be interested:

1) YES, the decompression chamber has a bathroom ;).  The doctor even provide me some tea and biscuits from the outside;

2) YES, The doctors sending me down CHCH are super handsome and funny.  so does the nurse 😛

3) YES, We are very happy with NZ health system at this point, as everything is free. I do not have to pay a penny.

BIGGGG P.S:  This post is supposed to be published ont he 22 Jan, 2012.  But too much things happened which this new post become kind of too old now….

More updates are coming





Ouch!!! Ouch!!! Ouch!!!!

I have been saying this word for the last 6 days :p


  1. 1-week white trip–the ONLY holiday this year is done…Ouch!!!                             No more holidays for this year for the very obvious reason– Saving annual leave and $$ for the big day…                                                                                        But this white week is totally worth it,  AWESOME and FABULOUS
  2. 1st day arrive Queenstown, I fractured my left ribs… The good news is that I still snowboard for the rest of 5 days.  The bad news is that there is no easier way to recover from broken ribs.  I have to breath and wait.  If I am lucky, couple 2 weeks can bring me out of the soreness and misery, otherwise 2-month-recovery should be expected.  Ouch… luckily I am an office worker not  a heavy lifter…                                                                                                                    You must wondering how this happened… Simple…Fell on my front during snowboarding.  In this case, shouldn’t I injure my ribs symmetrically?! Hmmm… yes… but the only difference is that my iPhone can only be in one of my front pocket — the LEFT one 😀  Ouch!!! lesson learnt — Never put your phone (specifically iPhone as it is big and hard and edged) in your pocket while snowboarding.   In fact, do NOT carry anything in your pocket to avoiding any kind of unexpected injury.  So… where can we put our things if you do not have spare coins for storage?:$  Hehe…Just between gals,  the little secrete is that your partner can carry you stuffs as he loves you so much 😉
  3. Again… get small but effective bite from Gatto Tigerre as revenge that we left him alone for 1 week… Ouch… Sorry Gatto :{

Overall, it is all good despite of the few OUCHes.  We are now officially almost intermedia level snowboarders TOGETHER…Horay!!!!

It is satisfying that we  are able to snowboard together doing wedge turn smoothly and synchronizingly, some crispy turns, some small jumps, some slow version 360 and enjoy it together shared the laughs and pain…hehe…                                             WOW… what an improvement…

Queenstown, Cadorna… we will be back next year for sure as small honeymoon maybe 😀


Mr. Miu

This blog is fully tribute to our beloved gatto–Mr. Miu, at least this is what I called him. GP’s mum called him Portofilio (excuse my spelling) and his other friends prefer to call him Gatto Fidel, I vaguely remember the name from but I rather GP to tell you the reason one day through the blog.

Mr. Miu was 17-years-old, typical Italian gatto, grey short hair and very friendly. He is one of the reasons I (a dog lover) decided to have a cat and eventually adopt our lovely Tigerre as our half flattie :p.

I have only spent less than a couple of weeks with Mr. Miu when we were visiting GP’s family last September.  Remember 1st time met Mr. Miu, I was so concerned that he would not like me as GP is always jokingly telling me that gatto can smell you and tell that you are a dog-lover.  Mr. Miu kept distance when I first met him, as other people or living being would do since I am a stranger.  Surprisingly, he is very friendly to me in the following days following me in and out of the house.  Specially after we rescued him/his food from some other wild cat in the countryside.  After all, Mr. Miu is an elderly in the cat world and being in the countryside does not help since there are loads of stronger and wilder animals around.  It was hard to leave Mr. Miu as he sent us out of the house the day we left Florence back for NZ. His glance followed us till we cannot see him any more.  We were looking forward to see him next year.

My original thought on who/what is going to carry our wedding ring, is have to be Mr. Miu, which I have not shared with GP yet until the night we heard that Mr. Miu passed away after a brave fight with some suspiciously huge wide animal.  It is about a week ago.  We have been very sad, specially GP.  This is because that Mr. Miu is his cat who grew up with him.

Oh well… Mr. Miu or Portofilio or Gatto Fidel, we all wish you have a happy life in the cat heaven surrounded by the beautiful gatto angels….

Mr. Miu you will be missed and loved always…


What AN experience!!!

I should add this long time ago… Actually I did… but WordPress didn’t remember my post…hence I have to do it again…Oh well, What AN experience!!!

What an experience!!!

Thursday June 23rd 2011

5:00am  alarm went off — time to get up

5:15am “Morning, hello, as requested due to the ash cloud, I would like to check whether the flight XXX is still taking off this morning?”  called AirNZ with my sleepy voice.  The other end of the phone answered with no emotion “Yes, we are.”

” Ah… cool”

5:45am Walking briskly into the airport checking in lounge.  “I would like to check in for the flight to Sydney at 6:30am” I was trying to catch my breath, the airport staff looked at each other with blank face and replied ” Sorry the door is closed…”, “But, I have to fly out and …” I was trying to explain that I have to get there to meet my bridle appointment for the most important dress in my life, the blank face staff have already cut me off by replying, “You can ring the AirNZ help desk over there and re-book your ticket.”

I was sleepy and a bit frustrated and not thinking straight and just want to make sure that I will not miss my appointment on Friday the 24th June.  Without a fight I quickly ring the helpdesk try to book a same day trip, however, a rocket high price (i.e. cheapest ticket costs $1000+) scared me off.   Okay, the following day same time would do and cost me another $350… Let’s hope I would be earlier enough to get on the flight…

6:45am I was in the office and trust me I never be that earlier in the office, specially with some lame reason — missed my flight/does not get let on the flight…  I guess “ash cloud prevent me flying out is a better excuse”:P

Friday, 24th June 2011

4:45am  same routine again… get up, get ready and ring up… ” are you flying out today…”

5:00am arrive airport and checked in, passed the custom and waited at boarding lounge minute by minute…

6:20am “Now the remaining passenger can board the aircraft NZ xxx”,  of course, I am not a gold member or any special passenger, then I have to wait.  But the funny thing is the aircraft door is NOT closed and it is 6:20am.  Don’t you think it is strange I was giving the reason that I can not be checked in because the door was closed at 5:45am yesterday for the same flight…

6:30am “Welcome on board, now the door is closed and we are ready to take off” the airhostess mechanically repeat the sentence that probably is broadcasted thousands times in their life. On the other hand, I cannot stop thinking why the day before the same flight’s door get  closed so earlier.  Maybe not many passengers yesterday… won’t be as all the flight of other air-company is cancelled, only AirNZ is flying and I see lots of anxious face the day before eagerly want to get on a flight… or maybe my ticket is sold to some wealthy passenger who is willing to pay $1000+ for one way ticket… Oh God, who will do that…

6:40am ish Soon my tiredness caught me up, after all, I waked up at 4:45am in the morning for my perspective wedding dress… what a sacrifice…

8:30am Sydney time “We are safely landed and now you can lose your seatbelt” Again the airhostess’s mechanical voice and I can’t wait to get off the plane as I have an appointment at 10am…

9:30am “Welcome to Sydney, have a nice trip!” Brilliant finally pass the custom and I am officially on the Australia soil now… now what… Run… no time for sticking around 10am appointment.

10:15am Of course, I was late for the appointment.  You kidding me… I can never be on time, I am a bride-to-be…;)  The truth is…”YES” I would not have a clue of the appointment location as my lovely bridesmaid booked everything for me…

10:16am “Hi, my name is … and I am here for my bridal appointment, sorry I am late”. The fairly attractive assistant pass me a quick strange look, “ah… yes… xxx booked your appointment. and please follow me this way.”

10:17am I quickly checked myself, did not see anything wrong with me deserve the suspicious looking from the nice assistant.  Ooops, my huge backpack… What a brilliant mind of me… why on earth I decided to use my humongous backpack for travelling this time ever… “Ah, you must never see a bride-to-be with huge backpack doing her wedding dress shopping aye?!” I try to humor myself, the assistant and the circumstances, “I missed my flight yesterday due to the ash cloud, hmmm… actually I overslept… let’s just say the ash cloud…haha..” “Oh…no… poor you.” excellent now I am the victim.. at least I wipe the suspicious looking from her face… everything else should be easy now…

Or not really…

11:00am appointment 2

12noon  appointment 3

2:00pm appointment 4

4 Bridal appointments in a day, 15-20 dresses tried on, humor myself with my gigantic backpack million times. Did I find my dress?! NO

No worries… we have another day… 😛

Saturday, 25th June 2011

12noon appointment for Vera Wang’s dress– limited range and a bit disappointment

2:00pm Last appointment

another 8 dresses tried on… did I find my dress in Sydney?…NO…

Hmmm…. NO for not in Sydney… but I think it is a YES to the dress I tried on couple weeks before coming to Sydney looking for the ‘ultimate’ dress…

Oh well, I found my ULTIMATE dress… Thanks for my bridesmaid Barbara booking appointment for me and Thanks for my girlfriend MonInn accompanied me with the appointment in Sydney… Thanks for my lovely girlfriend pair Kri and Taise say “YES” to the Chosen One…

All I can say is, “WHAT AN EXPERIENCE!!!”

But “I FOUND YOU!!!” 😀


p.s. I think AirNZ ripped-off someone with my air ticket….Shhhhh….


Changed our mind again…

Now we have a new venue place and for sure we are not going to change, as we have no choice since we secure the date with the venue.  Actually we may able to change until we pay the deposit…hehe..:P do not tell GianP…

oh well… Now I have to say it again…One down, Many to go…

This is official…

Place for venue… keep it secrete…



ONE down…Many to Go

Yeah… you may guessed… this ONE (i.e. Venue) is the hardest one to decide, specially we are thousands and thousands Kilometers away…

I have to say it is a BIG battle…

  • A battle with the timing;
  • A battle with the other lovely couples who decided to get married the same day as we do;
  • A battle with our cash flows, or shall I say future cash flows… Everyone wishes winning lottery.  However, it is not a huge probability for every individuals.  Even adding our probability together, I don’t think we stands chance. Considering we are already lucky to find each other and finally get married.  Guess we should be kind and leave the lottery winning chance to someone else.  In this case, Cash flow battle is definitely essential :P;
  • A battle with the venue providers, as some of them are so prestige that have various restrictions of using the venue, even we shows our absolute love to the places and willingness to contribute full amount of our fortune to the place.  Hence, Let me apply Bridezilla rule to them in return, sorry I have to cross you – ‘Prestiges‘;
  • A battle even within ourselves and inner-self.  Oh well, this is easy,  just like a marriage or any relationships, compromise leads to this success.

Despite of the long and hard battle, we have a winner — castello di mugnana, even beat up castello di vincigliatta 😛  Thanks to GianP’s dearest family friend Jean-Michel find us this cute little castle.



Where to start…

Finally, with GianP’s effort, we are NOW able to share our journey towards our BIG day with you…

Believe or not, this is my first time blogging (I’m a Virgin ;p).  Not sure whether we will blog daily or weekly or fortnightly or even monthly… This is a BIG commitment specially with our busy life and work… 😛  Oh well, if we can commit to a marriage, Blogging?!  Piece of cake 😉

Anyway, as I said in the beginning “Finally”,  we are now all set and start our count down —363 days to go… EASY…

GianP & Suming


FabXue 😛